We are looking for actors and writers with very short scripts. 

We hope to be able to create a platform for emerging writers and actors looking to get experience in a way that is flexible, collaborative and conducive to learning and growing as an artist. Having an easy link to a short example of work we believe is a potentially great asset for developing artists.

Examples of the format can be seen on our Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/various_instances/

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 20.00.54.png

We are looking for scripts that develop over three to six clips, each clip no longer than a minute (Instagram’s limit is 1 minute). Each clip is then preceded by two photographs that go further in fleshing out the context of the scene. Suggestions for photographs are not needed. There should be a maximum of three actors and whilst there can be more than one location, consideration should be put into the practicality and accessibility of the locations; specific suggestions are more than welcome and we are based in London. 

This is a call out for writers and actors, the films will be directed, shot and edited by the Various Instances team. Writers please send your script and a short bio and actors may send any link to showreels or CV’s they like, all to variousinstances@gmail.com